Rooted pre-painted pig?


This is a good root a loop video. Now this is not recommended for babies but for a piglet it works great especially since dont need it very long.


This is mine that I just finished. It was prepainted but the paint was splotchy and not very nice looking. I repainted all the hair in both black and white and then rooted just a little tuft hair on the top. I also pinked up the hooves and nose a bit, redid the creases and added a few more spots here and there.


Yall are so great at it!!!


What a cutie batuttie she is! :heart_eyes:. Love the tuft idea


Thank you! I thought about rooting the whole pig but then decided against it. My wrist can’t handle rooting very well anymore.


Is the vinyl as soft as regular baby kit vinyl? I bought the prepainted chimps a while back thinking I’d re-root them, but the vinyl is hard as a rock…


I only rooted a patch on the head but yes, it was as soft as the kits. The legs may be a bit harder but I’m not sure how those would root. @Reefbubbles would probably know.


Mine was soft too. Legs were easy to root too not hard at all.