Rooted eyelash placement


I am looking around at available kits on BB and looking at Lulu reborn by Evon Nather… Are these eyelashes rooted higher than they should be? She is such a wonderful artist and her babies are always so great. I have not tried lashes on an open-eyed baby (for fear of ruining the babe), but I would think they need to be rooted UP into the lid?? Anyone with rooting open-eyes have any input?? Sorry you have to click on the link… I couldn’t figure out how to get it on the thread…


They do look a bit high…I wish they had a really closeup picture. I have rooted open eye babies and I try and root as close to the edge of the eye as I can. It is the only time I use a forked needle so I can place the hair exactly where I want it. Some gals actually root right under the edge. I am afraid to try because I don’t want to wreck the eyelid. I really just need to get a test head and practice until I have it mastered.


Yes, they look like they are rooted too high to me. Which is why after one try, I’ve given up rooting open eye babies for now. I couldn’t get the lashes close enough to the eye without the edge almost ripping. I didn’t have the eyeball in though and I heard someone roots between the eyeball and the lid more. I may try that someday but for now the fake lashes are working.


This subject has been addressed in an earlier tutorial. I have attached a link and hope it comes through with the author’s credit.


Yes i remember seeing this i bit ago, and thinking that they were high. :0)


I think they are a little to high. Here is a picture of my Noor with hand rooted eyelashes.

#7 … normal.jpg … k-Lips.jpg … ingly.html


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Yep. Definitely high in the gallery photo!!