Romie Strydom kits


If you are talking about Gina’s (@Gabriell) she likes to randomly name the complete babies. I believe she lists the kit/sculpt names in the descriptions. :slight_smile:
Like Puddle is Cozy as a cuddle baby, Fern is Jaycee, etc


Ah ok… that makes sense. Lol. Ty!


You could keep your eye on the Facebook reborn supplies selling pages. I got lucky and snagged a blank Kylie kit by Romie Strydom for the original selling price on Facebook. I think the owner was looking for a quick sale because she could have asked much more.


@Tessa Yes, Gina does not post kids under their original names, but all her names are so cute!


I do mostly BB because they are easy to get, affordable and a lot of the kits are really awesome, really it’s what you do with it right? I love Realborns, no one else is doing it, its genius.

And thank you Yelena!


I can’t wait to meet you in person, nothing like real face to face time!


Yes!!! Good idea!!! You lucky lady :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I did get lucky when I found her:) There are deals like that every now and then, good luck with your search!


I absolutely love her kits too. I was diligent and kept searching and now have three of her sold out kits waiting for the courage to reborn them for my personal keeping. I found two on ebay with COA and one here on this wonderful forum. Save and keep watch, they come up from time to time. There were a couple on ebay yesterday but are well over 200 to 300 bucks.
Hope you can snag one in the future, I was so excited !!


Her kits are what 1st got me liking reborns years ago. I want them like you, to reborn for myself! I will keep looking, one of these days I will get one! Thanks :grinning:


I have Bluebell Strydom, she is unpainted but I love her , even in parts!


OMG I would love some parts too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Her Liam is adorable. I have one and have to start painting her.