Robin eyebrows - At last!


Hi there,
I have finally done the eyebrows on my first doll. Very frustrating but I am finally happy with them.
What do you think?

I need to go over them with the thick medium to add a little texture.
Thanks to all you lovely ladies who gave me good advise.

Rooting next…yikes!!!


They look awesome I wish I could do them that good and I have been at it for a year and a half


They look GREAT!


Fantastic eyebrows! Now if you would just do the ones on my Caleb, he’d be ready to go! You did a great job on them, can’t believe you are a beginner!


They are fantastic! Eyebrows are the hardest part for me. I hate them.


Thanks Ladies for you nice comments, it is so encouraging to me. I was just about ready to give up last week but kept persevering and glad I did.


They look great! Just like a real babies eyebrows!




They are Fantastic! Wow the placing and texture. How thin was your paint to get this effect?


Beautiful job on the eyebrows!


Perfect eyebrows if is your first time. Very nice.!!


Wow, they look great! I thought they were rooted!


— Begin quote from “JamieMrls84”

They are Fantastic! Wow the placing and texture. How thin was your paint to get this effect?

— End quote

Thank you! Well I will try and explain what I did as I was trying different things as I was having trouble getting the paint to the right consistancy.
I mixed a little color (I think it was raw sienna and a little burnt umber) with a tiny bit of thick medium and then added a little thinners to it to make it a paintable consistancy and then I put the tiniest amount of paint on the brush and painted on the eyebrows a few strokes at a time. When it looked like they were beginning to take shape, I baked because I thought if I added more strokes and made a mistake (which I had previously been doing) then I would have to wipe it all off. I then went over them again doing a few more thin strokes of paint and then baked again.
I noticed that the paint mixture thickened up nicely after leaving it for a while so that may be an idea to just leave it to thicken a little before starting to paint. I also found it quite good to lightly touch the brush on the paint straight out of the jar and then just dab it into the mixed paint (just the tip of the brush).
This is still trial and error for me as this is my first time.
I hope this helps.

P.S thanks everyone for your nice comments, I appreciate them.


the Perfect eyebrow makes or breaks a face! Great job!