RITZ DYE for babies

Does anyone know how to use RItz Dye to color the baby. I was told you could use it to make an AA baby. Please let me know how!!!

To use the Ritz dye to color the vinyl is you pour the dye straight into the limbs and leave it for a few minuets maybe 3 then you pour out the dye into something to save becuase you will continue to pour and add the dye until you get it dark enough to start the paint process. Hope this helps.

Just be careful if you use this method because there have been reports that overtime the dye was causing “bruises” on the vinyl of dolls that used to be done this way.

I think the thing Neise is talking about is dyeing the out side of the vinyl to tint the skin darker and get a base to begain the AA painting-I have never done this but have heard that others have and seemed to like the results

I used Ritz tan and rose and mixed a small amount of each one, not the whole bottle into a glass bowl filled with boiled water. I took each limb and the head and dipped them up to the flange in the mix. If it cools off put the bowl into the micro=wave. I dipped the pieces in several times until they were the shade I wanted them and they really turned out pretty. I probably used about 3 capfuls of each color. I left the pieces in for a couple of minutes each time. The doll has not bruised at all because it was on the outside.

I was instructed to never let any dye get inside of the doll.

Just the outside, otherwise it will look bruised.