Riley kit, now Mikayla


I’ve just finished my Riley kit - - - - Little Mikayla is ready for Christmas! … on/mikayla

check her out



Aww she is a cutie is she going to be a keeper?

  hugs Tina


I would love to keep them all! lol

I plan on listing her on ebay by the weekend. Hopefully ebay will pick up with Christmas around the corner


Aww she’s adorable!! Great job!


well done!! she is very beautiful!


thank you ladies so much She’s my 7th doll…I love them all so much as I’m making them and it makes it hard to let them go. But I love when I get feedback that their new mommy’s liked them because I feel “relieved” that they are in a good home! haha, is that silly??


Yes it´s very hard but for example in my case I don´t have such a big house and so much money


How adorable!


awww! great job! she’s super pretty!

I made my Riley into a Native American Indian girl!

she looks great as a Asian and I love her dress.


thank you!
I’m kinda worried right now! She’s only at $85 on her ebay listing.
There’s still a day left on the auction. I had more watchers but she’s lost about 5 or 6 of them since yesterday. I hope I don’t have to sell her for that ~ that’s a steal!

fingers crossed!