Retiring Kit clearance


all BB older versions. I believe most I have had them in my stash more than 5 years shipping is from Canada and prices are US dollars please.
sugar 25.00
scarlet 25,.00
lady bug 30.00
Cookie 30.00
holly 25.00
ember 25.00
x2 Kyle 25.00
Amelia 65.00 with body from BB
Rowan 25.00

Presley asleep and awake with certificates and boxes. 125.00 each


I’m interested in Rowan. If she is still available, I will let you know tonight if I want her.


And what would shipping be?


Look @MilosMeadows


yes she is available and shipping is approximately 30.00 in Canada or USA.


Thanks for thinking of me :slight_smile: