Ugh!!! I need more babies lol, all the best ones are sold out since the big end of year sale!! Anyone might’ve heard when they’ll be restocking?

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Realborn® Presley Awake should be available after Christmas.
Realborn® Asher Awake should be available around early January.

The following kits also will be restocked beginning shortly after Christmas, and extending to mid January:

Molly, Tayla, Sera, Megan, Kate, Scarlet, Aubrey, Tibby (sitting), Elsie, Paige, Moby, Libby, Maisie, Jesse, Liam, Anna, Eden, Kimi, Sam, Kadence, and also the Biracial versions of Aisha, Kaya, Shyann, Brea, Baylee, and Kyra.

All other out-of-stock kits should be restocked February 2015 or later, even if they are not otherwise specifically mentioned by name above. This means that if you CANNOT find the name of the kit you are looking for, it is expected February 2015 or later.

To sign up to be automatically notified when a desired kit is in stock, first click the “Gallery” link at the top of our website:


Then scroll down and click the picture of the kit you are interested in. This will take you to the kit’s product page where, if it is out-of-stock, you can sign up to be automatically notified when it comes in stock.

This notice, and this list, is constantly kept updated based on the latest information available to us at the time. This information may also change based on the latest information we have.

The “discontinued” kits at the following link will not be restocked:

A few of the “discontinued” kits are still in stock, but when they are gone, they are gone.

We update this page every week with the most recent information available to us. The initial post here was in 2009, but this post has been edited and updated EVERY week since then, and always will be!

Bountiful Baby

Thank you!!! I knew this info was somewhere, just couldn’t remember what to click to find it lol

Do u have an Aisha?

No worries!!! They just notified me she’s back in stock!!:blush: