Restocking question

Does anyone know what the problem is with restocking of BB kits and supplies? It never used to be like this.

I swear some of us have been waiting for Easton for at least a couple of years. I say that because he was out of stock when I was still working and I have been retired for 2 years now. Still waiting for him. They kept saying he was going to come in at this time or that but he has always been put off for some reason. Anyway-------still waiting. I wish they would tell us if he isn’t going to come in anymore !!! I know it says he will be in (oops can’t remember when) but when that time comes, well we’ll see.

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I believe they resized Easton and made some other changes, So that could be why it’s taking a while. I don’t know if that would take 2 years or not though

I did read that they were resizing some of the kits but still “Over 2 Years” really???

I haven’t even seen Easton so I am not sure if I want to look at him or not LOL. I need to stop buying kits and paint more. I know it took them a while to get some eyes in that I needed for Crystal…and they did finally restock AFTER I bought the elsewhere of course.


BB is losing business because people have to wait so long for kits and supplies to be restocked. Maybe they should find a different manufacturer.

Well I have been waiting for Spencer forever!!! The last one I sold was in 2013. I love that kit and it was always a good seller for me. Makes an adorable little fat baby!!

Last one I did
Courtney - Sold by Angie Jones
Courtney - Sold by Angie Jones

Here’s another one I did
Grace - SOLD 11/11 by Angie Jones
Grace - SOLD 11/11 by Angie Jones