Resolved - Thank you all for your comments


Situation resolved. Thank you for your comments.


Sorry that happened. I very rarely use ebay.


Sometimes that happens, recently the opposite actually happened to me lol, I bought 1 oz and weighed it and it was 1.3 oz…I’m sorry about that though, that is a significant difference


I sold it on ebay. Bought it from a reputable online doll store. Other than BB :slight_smile:


SMH I read it too quick!


That is not right! I’d still contact the seller


It’s ok, all’s well that ends well. You can just edit your post and delete you comment.


Why? Posts should stay so in future people who have similar problem can refer to it and the advice given. If everybody just removed their question once they got an answer, the forum becomes useless. The only time post should be removed if it gets nasty and personal, but then it’s best to ask the admin for the whole post to be taken off.


I agree @ludmila but she asked the question and I answered. Now she knows how to edit her posts. I have edited mine numerous times when I felt that I may hurt someone’s feelings. :slight_smile:


@ludmila, I was venting and there was really nothing anyone could have done. In this case, I should have contacted the seller BEFORE coming on here to whine. If there is anything to learn from this post it is to think before you post…lol!