Resin eye for reborns

I need some suggestions. I am not a picky person and am very reasonable. I’m getting a custom done soon if (the kit ever comes in stock) and I found eyes I like and am willing to buy them and send them to the artist myself. I just need suggestions.

I found these resin eyes below on Etsy. Very green but I don’t see resin eyes on any of the reborn websites. Also, I want the baby to have very green eyes, like emerald. Would this be realistic though. I know it may be hard to tell since the color can pop out more in the seller’s pics for advertisement purposes.

Also, for the iris size, I assume I choose half the side of the eye itself. Like if the eye is 22mm, I choose 20mm iris right?


… Resolved…:wink:

It is a new kit awaiting initial release.

I don’t think they would look realistic at all, but if you love them that’s all that matters! Especially if the baby is for you specifically, what you like us all that matters. The info page about the kit should tell you what size eyes to order, the size correlates with the socket size. Sometimes you can go up or down a size to make the irises look bigger or smaller. Personally I think its easier to buy the correct size and look for eyes with bigger irises if you want that. Resin eyes have a good variety as a lot of resin artists make them and they aren’t really mass produced for realism (that I’m aware of anyways). I think a lot of reborn artists don’t really use them because they aren’t really available at mainstream reborn supply places, there are so many acrylic or glass eyes that look very realistic with larger newborn irises or normal size ones in a variety of natural colors. In my personal experience most resin eyes I’ve seen are more fantasy type eyes. So that wouldn’t be my go to if I want eyes that look like real human eyes. Just my personal experience and opinion though :slight_smile:


Thanks for the very helpful suggestions! I agree. It probably won’t look realistic. I’ll likely not buy to avoid disappointment…then the eyes will be hard to resell. I was looking for realistic emerald green eyes, but I’ll leave it up to the artist. They seem to be a master at finding things anyways and I always end up happy in the end.

I don’t think these grass green eyes would look realistic for a newborn. They sure are pretty, though.

OMG I need those!! Perfect for me actually I need two pair. Thanks @913gigi44 I am going to check them out!

I couldn’t find them but now I know the exist.

This seller makes custom portrait eyes. You can have her make any color you want based on a picture. @peachtree had a beautiful set made.
Most of her eyes are very brightly fantasy colored and the photos are accurate. She’s great at what she does!


Awesome! Can you post al link for me? Please and Thankyou.

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@AtticFlowersDollArt Yes, let me post a link.

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Her eyes are fantastic. I have four pairs, one of which is a custom order of my son’s eye color. This artist sculpts the iris, paints it, and then pours layers of resin for a 3D
D look. The only eyes that I have seen with comprable detail has been movie industry special effects and they run 80 to $90 a pair.


Those are beautiful eyes and right on point! I’m looking for realistic emerald green eyes. I may message her and see.

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They did an amazing job getting those details in there!