Reserve price question

If you have a reserve on your auction, and someone asks, how much it is, what do you tell them? I don’t know if I should tell her or not. She was also one of my bidders yesterday, and got up this morning and ebay had done an administration cancel on her bid. They also listed her as an unregistered user, now she is back up and also selling. Don’t know why they would cancel and then turn around and put her back on…But anyway, should I tell her the reserve?

Thanks Tracy, I ended up telling her what the reserve was. Either she likes it and will bid or not. I am wondering if she didn’t get cancelled because of one of her auctions. She has a few listed this morning-all newly listed…

That didn’t work for me at all! LOL As soon as I told her my reserve price she emailed back and said Thanks. Then I lost one of my watchers-most likely her…If I hadn’t told her, she might have bid it up some at least, before she dropped out. So I learned by that one! LOL Don’t tell!