I have been working on my kits this afternoon and I sure thought I saved a copy of all my orders to refer back to but mysteriously I have kits I never ordered! LOL I just thought I was doing good at that!

I got it thank you. I wish it were that cheap!
I painted a wall in my house that needed painting before I did started that. I got all done then went to let the dogs out to pee and tripped and messed my paint up so tomorrow when it has had time to set up I have to go back and paint a second coat.
But the great thing is I am using a cinnamon color and it shows off the little things I put in the wall when I repainted the last time. As you are getting to know me you will figure out I like things outside of the box. I am uniquely me! I like the look of texture and the materials when there is a design on the fabric but it is the same color as the fabric. Like white roses on white material. If that makes sense. So I got creative and found some stencils like is used for paint taped them to the walls and put a think layer of sheet rock putty on them and smoothed them out. This makes a very thin design on my walls. I do not like busy so it is occasionally placed on the upper part of my walls. I have vaulted ceilings and the bottom 3 foot I have added the wood that looks like slats, I am getting old and senile here, then chair rail on top of that. Wainscoting that is the word I was goign for.
Anyway then I sanded those spots smooth and painted over them the same as my wall of course. I love the effect. My daddy who was a carpenter used to shake his head at me when I was in the middle of a project and then afterwards say i do not believe it but it does look good. Not something mom would have in her house but! To be perfectly honest he could not have given me any greater compliment!

I Spent way too much but I did notice I buy in spurts. It seems I make an order and 2 times I made another the same day! Good grief I need more organization. One was from the fact I had saved and gotten an order and low and behold not 3 hours later I got a custom order for a baby so I had to make another order. I wish I could have combined those.

I make an order then BB posts another baby for cheap…and my brain wars until I give in…now to just paint a few so I have a reason to get more! As for organization, my house looks like a tornado came through, plus dust, plus spiderwebs in corners of ceiling! Doll/storage room is a real mess. Clothes everywhere where the kids put stuff in by throwing it at the bed. Christmas is almost put away except what cait wants to do for winter. I need a few elves to come in and clean house since shoemakers are out of business now!!!

I am working on my house now I am trying to degerm it and man it is a lot of work! my husband is a pack rat! Drives me crazy! I am about to go thru things and get rid of anything we have not worn or used in a while. This could take months! Before we moved here in 2005 we have moved every 2 years or so since 1996 I kept the clutter down that way. Not take I want to be anywhere else to live but I need to move and purge again. LOL

That is what my parents did for years…move and move until mom put her foot down after 40 years! I sort of miss that, been in same house for 14 years and not planning to move for years to come.