Removing paint after rooting?

Hi all, Is it possible to remove all the paint from the face after i’ve already rooted her hair? I use goof-off, will it ruin her hair? I notice so many boo boos. I had too much matte varnish in different areas and tried to remove softly, but now it’s down to the bare vinyl in spots and it looks like she has a skin disease. I tried to go over the spots with the paint but that made it look worst. So what do you think, should i remove it or throw it away? DEE

Yea, you can strip it. I would buy some Winsor and Newton brush cleaner to remove the paint because it is not as harsh and if it accidentally got on the mohair it wouldn’t hurt it, just wash it out. The Goof Off might be okay if it gets on the mohair but I don’t know for sure. It stinks, I know that. I would also recommend wetting down the mohair really good before you strip so that if your stripper does get on the mohair the mohair will be less likely to absorb much of the stripper since it is already wet.

Thanks Angie, i’ll see what i can do. DEE