Removing hair without damaging the work

I have a hard to find kit in my personal collection that I had someone paint for me. And I love her. I had her rooted at a later time, but I’d like to remove the hair and have it redone darker. How can I go about removing the hair, without ruining the paint? In the past I’ve used nair on another baby just to ruin the paint.

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You will have to remove the glue inside than use tweezers…and a lot of patience !

Can you just root in the darker color? If the current roofing job isn’t thick, I would just add in the color you want. It will look like darker hair with highlights.

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Post a pictures, let’s take a look.

Sorry for the late reply. This is my sweet baby. I’d like to get her rerootes with dark hair.

Let me ask… him fyiuwetit with baby detangler does the texture change?i can’t tell how thick it is.

What I Would do is… boil wAter, let cool for a minute or 2 and pour in to the head. Let it
Sit in the head until it cools. Pour it out when Luke warm and see if it loosens the glue … if so remove the glue and repeat if necessary. Once that’s finished…cut hair short and start removing with fingers and tweezers. I would say to use nair but I’m not sure if it will damage the paint. :heart:

The texture is yearling so always wavy.

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Ok… so it’s good hair? Not frizzy? How thick is it rooted?

The person who supplies my hair- I love it. This one looks frizzy to me but it’s from the same person and it is yearling. So it’s always wavy. But he also supplies alpaca which is soooo beautiful. That’s what I want rooted on her now.

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Also, no hate to the artist of my baby because I do love her so much but I noticed she’s kind of pale so I thought about adding a few washes of burnt umber. Thoughts?

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Why not? If your taking her apart, might as. Well do some touch ups !!! :wink::heart:

I know it probably doesn’t happen, but I feel like she might’ve faded a bit or gotten paler. It could totally be the hair though washing her out. I’m doing the pulling out right now!!

Yes I agree about the hair color… going darker will bring new life!!! I can’t wait to see new pictures!!!

I have a babe with similar rooted hair. How can I prevent the plugs from looking bad after removing the hair. I noticed on another that she has micro holes in the head still but I didn’t remove the glue first.