Removing glue


Does anyone have any advice for how to remove Gem Tac from the inside of a painted head? I’ve tried hot water. Not boiling hot, but as hot as the tap would get. It didn’t help. Thanks!


Try boiling water and let it sit inside the head for a bit. Then it should peel off easily. I’ve done it a few times and it isn’t fun. Good luck


I will try that. thank you!


Sometimes I will kind of scrape at the glue with a paintbrush handle or something similar to loosen the glue before I pull it out.


If the boiling water doesn’t work put some acetone inside the head and swish it around, dump it out, rinse it with hot water, then try to pull the glue up. You can repeat this a couple of times until you get it up. Typically it will peel away from the vinyl in large pieces.


I’ve tried the boiling water a few times. It hasn’t come up yet. Now it’s kind of gummy. It’s like the residue left behind after a sticker is pullles off. I’ll try the acetone. Thanks!