Remolding a vinyl doll

Hi all- I’m new here. I haven’t yet reborned any dolls, but I have restored a few for my three year old (I love going to the thrift store and buying a well loved doll and turning them into a beautiful new piece of art). Yesterday, my daughter got two vinyl dolls which are anatomically correct. She loves them, but one came with its head and body half caved in. I have emailed customer service, but I didn’t know I’d bought direct from China and I’m doubting I’ll get a response. I’m thinking for the head, I’ll put hot water in to reshape it. Is that a good plan? Any other thoughts?

Hot water is definitely the way to go.
Take the head off and fill it up with hot water straight from the tap, or if it’s really stubborn you can put boiling water inside. It should pop back out.

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Wow, that was a super quick response! Thanks. I will give it a try. I noticed a bit in the legs and lower back too. Hopefully the same will work there too. Thanks for the help!

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That’s a cute doll. Hot/boiling water will fix it right up.