Reminder invoice question?

My winning bidder from Sunday night still hasnt paid…she emailed me right after the auction ended and said she would pay Monday or no later than Tuesday( which is fine, my auctions say payment in 48 hrs) …BUT she hasnt paid yet…I want to send a reminder invoice thru Ebay but cant seem to find it now, I know I have done it before!!!

Anyone know where I can find it ? Thanks in advance!!

Wow, it’s been a very long time sense I sold on ebay. I hope this help’s

To send your buyer an invoice:
Click My eBay at the top of most eBay pages. You may be asked to sign in.

Click the Sold link on the right side of the page.

Find the item for which you want to send an invoice.

From the Actions drop-down menu, select Send Invoice.

Specify details such as shipping and handling, tax, and available payment methods.

Click Send Invoice.

THANK YOU Norma Jean!!! I found it thanks to you!

I sent her the reminder…I dont get why people dont pay right away, 48 hrs is plenty of time.Dont really care if she pays anyway…Elisa wanted her but since we have become such good friends after buying several of my babies she no longer bids on my auctions, just buys them directly from me…I would rather she went to Elisa anyway since she didnt go to high but I have to give the winner ample opportunity to pay or I will feel the wrath of Evilbay!!!

Is it 4 days we have to give them to pay now??

I believe it is still 7 day’s. Then you can file an NPB and get your fee’s back. Ebay has been running rampant with NPB’s. I 'm so glad I do not sell on there anymore.

The strange thing is that she has over 500 positive feedback so I would think she is a prompt payer…maybe her family got hit with the flu, ya never know.
The NPBs have been ridiculous lately…Ive been lucky so far ( knock on wood!!) but I have seen ALOT fo posts about it…

Hopefully I get paid but if I dont I will be sharing her name both here AND in my next auction!!!:lol:

Elisa is a very lucky mommy to own your babies Believe me if I every manage to find that money tree. I would have some of your babies too You do fantastic babies.

Awww…thank you Norma Jean!! Most often I do accept layaway, I just dont advertise it…so if a baby ever steals your heart let me know!!

The easy way to send a reminder is go to your Paypal account. There is a button along the original invoice that says reminder. Just click it and it will send one out to her for you as well. Good luck. These NPB is getting so out of hand and Ebay doesn’t care because then it means they get double fees paid to them because you more than likely will relist through them.

ebay changed their NPB policy. You can now file after four days of non payment.

Well we sure don’t go to Wal Mart or any other stores and say I want this or this or this and I will pay you in a few days so why do people think this should be any different?

She paid Problem solved!

Now that she paid I can say Congrat’s on the sale kim

Thank you!!!