Remind me about unverified PayPal


Is there a danger selling to someone with unverified PayPal on Also, when I try to contact them, their email address is invalid. I’m a little nervous as there is so much fraud out there!!!


PayPal told me I could ship to an unverified address. Their reason for why it would be unverified was a simple one, although I forget what they said now.

The email address sucks. Is there one listed on PayPal? A phone number on the reborns site? I have shipped without communicating with the buyer before with no problem, but prefer to verify their address.


Thank you for your reply! I like to touch base with the customer before shipping as well.


Yall make me nervous! Im shipping one tomorrow and they wanted me to ship to a different address, I said no.


I say no too. I make them change it in their PayPal information and let them know that it’s PayPals rules, not mine. That way they don’t try to debate. :smile:


You can ship to an unverified account. A lot of times that means that they have not set up a bank account to PayPal. I was in the middle of changing my PayPal over to another checking account and mine pop up unverified until the 2 small deposits were sent to my account.
I do require a signature on all of my dolls, however just in case.


I mailed a reborn to a mans work so his wife wouldn’t see the doll. It was a surprise. We had lots of communication though.


Tell your buyer that they can go in and add that address to their PayPal.I have had several ask me to post to a different address and this is what I have them do.