Remember this?

Sometime ago I bought this:

now it is a “chariot for the fairies”; all I have to do is the hood:


You really did a great job with the upholstery. Are you going to recover the hood?

Oh my goodness! It is looking so nice.

Looks just lovely! I do remember this because you originally got some vinyl that was not as described and the seller refunded but told you to keep it? Right? (something like that?)

Wow! What a transformation. Brilliant job, Ludmilla! Did you ever find the right material to re-cover the hood?

WOW! You did a fabulous job! Did you put all new upholstery in it?

Yes, I got something that I think will look good. But I was hoping to stitch it on my sewing machine; not sure if it will work. Never mind, I will glue it.

And that material that had marks on the side I wanted on the outside and was cut on so much slant that I could not use it for my other pram (full size Silvercross), was listed with truthful description and sold for almost as much as I paid, so I was able to repay the seller. :smile:

Yes, I upholstered it myself; my 1st attempt at upholstering. I was petrified of the back rests, and they were a singe. I thought the seats are going to be easy, they turned out to be difficult; fortunately as long as somebody sits on them you cannot see the mistakes. :smile:
I have used almost whole liter of paint to get it even and shiny like that.

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