Hi! I’m Sarah-Elizabeth! I’ve been around the forum for quite some time but really haven’t had the time to post! I’m currently trying to be around here more as I love the community!

I’m currently 17, and started reborning when I was around 10 or 11 after struggling with mental health issues, I have followed the forums since way back then and feel I know all of you! I also got really sick just over three years ago and during that time reborning was super comforting. I wish I had more time to reborn and hopefully this spring I will! I’m currently a senior in high school and working on applying to art school. (I’m hoping to be a high school art teacher or teach at community art centers and take a lot of physiology and introduce it into my art and teaching!) I’m a sculptor as well as a 2D artist and just love art in general! Thank you all for giving support and love through your advice the last few years even if you haven’t known it!


Welcome! @S.E.Kuenzi


Welcome back! It’s wonderful to see younger people involved in this art form. :slight_smile:




Welcome Sarah-Elizabeth! Glad to have you in the family.




Welcome back Sarah. Glad to have you here and I’m really glad that we have helped you over the years even if we didn’t know about it!! Good luck with all your Art!!


Hello and welcome back!!!


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome back. We look forward to seeing your babies.