My first baby of the new year!


Adorable! Love him!!


He’s adorable!! Did you like his mouth?


Karen he is so precious!! What a beautiful little boy you have created!


He’s beautiful! Stunning work Karen!


Oh sooo sweet and the photography is great.


Very cute!


Thank you sooooo much, everyone! :heart:

Yessssss…sooooo sweet! Love that little pout :blush:

Thank you, V! I got a new camera so I tried it out on him; I think I like it so far. I have the worst time with pictures.


He’s beautiful @kareninflorida! And your photos are great. I’ll bet you will love the new camera!


Thank you, Ann! :blush:


He’s beautiful!! I love his feet. They look so realistic!! Great color!!


Adorable! I am working on 3 New Year’s babies that will hopefully be born in time for Valentine’s Day!


He’s beautiful Karen, keep 'em coming!!


What a cutie :heart_eyes:


Thanks everyone! :blush:


Great coloring!! You do such awesome work!!


Oh wow, he is stunning.


Thank you, Mel! :blush:

Thank you, Angie! :blush:


Congratulations on the adoption. His mommy will be so happy. He sure was a cutie.


Thank you, V! :blush: It’ll be her first reborn, so I’m excited to hear what she thinks of him “live and in person” :slight_smile: