Reduced !applevalley bodies and limbs

I have several applevalley toddler and baby doll kit limbs and bodies for sale -they are new still in their plastic bags -15 dollars plus shipping-I have 5 or more of each-they work great on large berenguer heads or for cheeper gift dolls!!!and with body included you cant go wrong!!!PM if interested

I reduced the price as CRs craft had them for the same price and I want to have these be a deal for my BB friends -they are cute chubby arms and legs that go great with those 20-22 in baby doll heads and the toddler ones make cute older babies !!! I cant go any lower than this -and while the body isnt the greatest it is a nice new body that comes with those AV kits and makes a nice 20-22 in baby

they do make darling babies. I used the lots to cuddle 20 in and sold one and still have 2 . the
oriental girl and a big boy.