Recycled Glass beads?


Has anyone had hands on experience with recycled glass beads? What’s your opinion on them? I had been buying the BB glass beads, just curious to how they compare! Thanks bunches!


Never saw them recycled, glass is glass and as long as they are beads, what is the difference


As long as they’re glass, don’t have any jagged edges and aren’t dirty it should be fine.


I wonder what they mean by recycled? I mean the glass beads are used for sand blasting, so once used they are full of dust, paint flakes (could be lead paint) and who knows what else. So if recycled means used, i would not put them in the doll.


Here’s a look at the ones I was considering! Still not sure if it’s worth it to switch.


Those are from Bean’s Nursery so I’m sure they’re fine to use. I’m guessing that “recycled” means they were previously inside of another doll. Click on the button that says full description, it will tell you all about them. In terms of price, that’s not a very good deal IMO even for new.


Yeah! I’m a big fan of Bean and her work! Just haven’t heard of anyone really using them yet!


I’ve never heard anyone talk about reusing them either. Now you’ve got me wondering if they do when/if they take a baby apart lol.



NO! They are not fine, they are not beads, that is crushed glass full of sharp edges. Note she did not say beads, she says “course” I suppose meaning coarse, bet they could damage the vinyl and if somebody opened the doll they could cut themselves.


Hmmm…Did you actually read the description of the item. It does not say that at all, in fact it says the exact opposite of what you’re stating.

Course in glass beads refers to the MIL size not the the feel of the bead. MIL 1 “Course” is the bead type I use and they are smooth as a baby’s bottom. MIL 1 does not filter through the stockings like MIL 2 (Medium) and MIL 3 (Fine). It just refers to the size.


Yes, I did read the description and I looked at the photo, that shows little slivers of very sharp glass
The heading says “SALEGlass weight for Reborn dollscoursenice weight100% recycled glass”, and yes she does say right on the bottom of her description, which has to be accessed via link, that they are not sharp.

The bead size is called “grit” and Grade Options: Fine 30/40, Medium 16/24, Coarse 12/16.


Thank you for your input ladies! I appreciate varying points of views!


Sometimes recycled glass means broken down glass containers that are processed into fine particles. The item description says “not sharp” and “glass bead” but a couple of the photos look more like crushed glass than smooth fine glass beads. I have no idea how the tiny smooth glass beads are created, but I doubt it’s by crushing down used glass containers.


When I first started reborning I bought some crushed glass that looked very much like these pictures. It was sharp, but I thought that as this is what people are using, it will be fine and I put it in to the limbs and the colors made the limbs looking bruised. I only bought couple of kg, and ended up throwing them out. I am glad because I am sure the roughness would not be good for the vinyl. I buy now lovely, perfectly clear round beads, which are about 2 millimeters and stay very nicely in stockings, but they cost me about $6 / pound. I also buy some of the fine sandblasting medium glass, they are also perfectly round and about the texture of sugar; they are much cheaper(about $40 for 25kg = 55pounds). I use those for the limbs.

If this seller is selling really nice round smooth beads she is not doing herself any favors by not having better photos.


They might be made by crushing the used glass containers, screening them into sizes and tumbling them; maybe while quite hot


Yesterday, I bought 30 lbs from this ebay site.

I have bought from this seller before and been pleased.


They look nice and round :slight_smile: That is what I uses in the limbs and contained in a plastic bag in the head.


Maybe so, interesting. Thanks