Recognize This Mohair?

I bought this mohair off of someone and she could not remember what kind it was. I received it wrapped in this white tissue paper tied with gift ribbon. I’ve had it for a year and a half and I’m not sure how long she had it before that. I’m not sure whether this is how she got it or she tied the ribbon on it herself. Anyone ever bought any mohair that came like this or know what mohair does or used to come like this? It’s really nice, soft and silky. I’d like to get some other colours if I could identify it.

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I have some from j’s premium that is tied like that and in tissue.


I’m not familiar with them, is there a website? Did you find your mohair really nice? It has a wave to it but it is rooting quite straight. I’m using it on my Caleb.

I am not sure what all he does through his website… I know it is a newer site he used to sell mostly on his facebook

J’s Premium Mohair on FB but it is a private group
I will try to link it tomorrow when I am on my desktop if it will let me… my phone wont…


My Slumberland and Golden Fleece Boutique both came like that. They’re both very nice IMO.

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I do have some Slumberland in wavy/curly. It seems fluffy and this other one seems more silky and is less wavy. If it was Slumberland, not sure if the difference would just be in the type of wave it was. I only have the one Slumberland so no other to compare it to.