Recognize her?

I found this kit for sale on ebay, but there’s no info on the model name or sculptor. Does anyone recognize it?

I think that’s Pilar by Adried Stoete.

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Yep :slight_smile:
Sold out on Macphersons though… not sure about other dealers

There’s a blank kit with COA on eBay for $114.99. Tinkerbell Creations (UK) has her, too.

She’s a limited edition of 1000, so if you want her and a dealer still has her, I wouldn’t hesitate!

Thank you. I think you’re right.

Limited edition! Wow! I see one that’s reborned for about $400. Nice! Thanks for the help

I saw a listing using this photo and I am wondering if the kit is legitimate or a copy of Pilar?

For $44.99 and coming from China I’d say that one’s a copy.

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That is what I thought. I think they have a new selection of copied kits…sigh.