Reborns with wigs


I like the last two. They would be cute on a newborn baby.


I think the problem is that customers expect microrooting on a Pepsi budget. The best idea I’ve heard is to offer tiers of reborn babies. I saw that @anjsmiles and Kim from customdollbaby have policies that clearly explain each tier and what’s offered. We could offer wigs for less expensive dolls or an alternative to rooting for those of us who don’t want to root?


They expect silicones, too. Hard to educate that level of ignorance.


Yup. They want Romy work on a 200 dollar budget. That won’t pay for the supplies or the work needed. The educational system is failing so many. Basic math would explain that we barely make anything when we sell our reborn dolls. The kits and the supplies are expensive. The market is super saturated and that usually drives prices down. There’s no give on supplies so a lot of us price our babies below their value and do this for the love of it.


So…this little problem child has been sitting here forever, waiting for me to finish her hair. I started rooting it with auburn mohair. But her rock hard head was not fun to root. Then this post started and I decided she would be the perfect one to try a wig on. I happened to find a set of 2 wigs on Etsy for really cheap, this one and a blonde one. I haven’t trimmed or styled it yet. But I wanted y’all to see how they look straight out of the package. This is a Kemper Cassidy partial cap 14-15 mohair wig. :slight_smile:


It looks really good even untrimmed!


I honestly don’t even remember how we used to trim these on the Berenguers. If I remember right, just thinning shears to give it more of a little baby style.


Now that’s adorable! I’d leave it just the way it is.


Just wigged this little lady! :slight_smile:


I forgot to show this pic. My big Alice also has a wig. It was a cheap children’s wig from AliExpress, but it looks really good.
I didn’t glue it down, so I can take it off when I change her clothes.


I LOVE her! :heart: WOW! What kit is she?


It’s Aloenka by Natali Blick. She’s lovely, but a giant.


She’s so beautiful. Where did you get the stand?


I ordered it from a Dutch doll store. They specialize mostly in porcelain and other collectible dolls.


@Katinafleming I was just admiring her on Reborns! She is so cute! That wig looks good on her!


Thank you. I had my heart set on an auburn haired, Hazel eyed girl. But I like the way she looks as a brown eyed brunette. :slight_smile:


I think wigs are more practical if the doll is for a child.


I’ve got 3 wigs , new, I don’t need, 2 small ones and one full size to fit a toddler or a really big baby head​:blush:. I had them laying here to sale, and just seen this post :heart:


What size are they? What color is the large one?


Got one for Emmy? I’d be interested if you do.