Reborns with wigs


I was thinking about using wigs for a while because of joint problems in my hands. Rooting really hurts. I was wondering if any of you have used wigs and if your dolls sold as easily as with rooted hair. I am talking about small cap mohair or human hair baby wigs.




Wigs or bald were the only choices we had back when I started reborning in 2002. Rooting hadn’t been invented yet :laughing: And painted hair??? No way…we wanted them to look REAL! :wink: :laughing:

Here are some of the first ones I made, all wearing wigs. I liked the Cassidy wig, and also one called Bebe, I think it was:





I bought 3 different ones from Dolls So Real and I really like them. I just did not know if people would buy with wigs. One of them is for a keeper. They may all be. I know probably the majority want rooted or painted. Thenk you so much for the comment and especially the pictures. They look like a good rooting job to me.


I’m glad you liked them! Some buyers like dolls with wigs because they like lots of hair or because they like to have hair to brush and style. I have done several toddlers with wigs, and they all sold.


It was out there. We just hadn’t discovered it yet!:rofl: I love your babies. Even the order kits look amazing in your hands. Le sigh. Maybe I’ll get better?


Thank you for your kind words :blush:

I remember the first time I bought rooting needles. Size 38. That would feel like rooting with an ice pick now! :joy: I think they were called felting needles.


You’re welcome! Yes they’re called felting needles. Who’s idea was it to use them?


If you’ve heard of Delta Dawn mohair, she had a reborn forum way back then and she made beautiful reborns.

Lo and behold, one day she posted one with rooted hair! We were all blown away and couldn’t imagine rooting hair on those hard Berenguer heads…rice socks were the answer and off we went! :grin:

I’m not saying Dawn was the 1st rooter ever, but she’s the first one I knew of. The good ol’ days :grin:


Wow that’s so cool! Yeah their heads look hard. I want to reborn an Antonio Juan baby. They’re so well painted they go for a lot more than the Chinese fakes.


I would love to see wigs come back. Painted hair, cuddle babies…why not wigs? As long as artists don’t bad mouth them, collectors should consider them as an option.


Who makes realistic wigs?


I did reborn Berenguers in 2002 through about 2005. I rooted my very first one. I used 36 gauge felting needles. About half of mine were rooted, the other half had Cassidy wigs. My rooted hair babies sold for $300-500 way back then. The wig babies sold for $150-200. The mohair was about like Ruby Red. Here are some of mine. The top row had rooted hair. The bottom row had wigs…


One of my first reborns had a wig. I got it from a seller that was leaving the craft. It was super soft and had a baby look to it. I’ll see if I can find a pic.


Let’s make them make a comeback! If several of us decide to do it, a comeback will happen! :wink:


Exactly! There are collectors at every price point. Another option just opens the door for more sales.
Here is my “Jonah” with a wig.


I loved having the option for rooting a wigs. It really did make it possible to make quality babies of different prices. Most people didn’t mind the wigs. Cassidy wigs look really good when they are trimmed and styled. Now…to go find some cheap Cassidy wigs. :wink:



The clear cap Cassidy mohair wigs is what I used back then. But they are sky high now. :flushed:


I guess we can make a bunch of red heads. Those colors are affordable. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: