rotation question


I actually have 2 questions. I just changed my membership from Bronze to Silver to see if it would make a difference. How long do babies stay in the Just Born section? I see some that have been there for weeks. Mine was only there for 2 days and then gone. The description says the Babies For Adoption randomly rotate but mine seem to stay on the fourth page or lower. They used to move up. I feel like I got better exposure with the Bronze membership. At least then I could find them easily. Can anybody explain this to me?


I thought this would depend on how many new babies are added. But I could be wrong. Dave is really good about explaining things. You could ask him.

I have been using mostly bronze for the past year. Switched it to Gold, I think, for a month, and did not notice a difference. If anything, I got more time wasting messages, nothing more. So I’m here on bronze again, where I probably will stay.


I’m probably going to go back to Bronze, too. I tried Gold (didn’t sell a thing) and Silver and didn’t really notice a difference.


I have only sold on Gold. I find that my babies mostly sell when first posted under just born. After that, they get lost in the shuffle never to be noticed again. Poor sad dollies. :disappointed_relieved:


I don’t know anything about, but can you take the baby off and then relist it? If you can, I would do this every couple of days. Unless you have to pay per listing.


I’ve noticed the same thing!


You are not supposed to do that, but I’m sure it gets done occasionally. If I have a doll that sits there for weeks and I overhaul it, then I will post it as a new baby because it is significantly different from the original listing.


Ah ok. Like I said, I haven’t gotten that far into the reborn business yet. I don’t know anything. I am looking forward to putting one on the site one day though. I’m sure it’s exciting when you sell your first doll. :smile:

I have realized I am slow as heck painting my babies. I am a perfectionist and it takes me forever to complete a doll. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do customs. I’ll never make the deadline lol.


How long do they stay in Just Born?


Because my babies never get posted under just born, I can’t speak much from experience, but I have noticed an increase in views of other babies when I sell one. Those sold babies stay there for a while and people just click on your nursery out of curiosity I guess.


They will stay under the Just Born page longer as a gold member. I have seen some of mine stay at least 4 days on gold. Bronze level if I remember right do not even go to the front page. I prefer the Silver I get a day or two with new babies listed on the front page. I have tried every level and with bronze I have sold 1. With gold maybe 4, all others have been silver.


They stay until they get bumped by new posted dolls. Sometimes it’s ONE DAY!!! :scream:Sometimes it’s 3-4 if I’m really lucky. They used to stay for a week but now that so many new dolls are posted daily… it’s a flash. :neutral_face:


I notice the same thing. I watch my doll get bumped down down down and the completely off the front page in about 3 days. I always buy the gold membership.


Well, if that happens with Gold, too, I’m not going to waste my money. I’ve also noticed that many of the same babies are listed 3 or 4 times under Babies For Adoption so you have to go through dozens of ‘repeats’ to find the new ones. I’d like it better if each baby was only listed once under Babies For Adoption and rotated daily so this section isn’t so clogged. It would also be a more accurate count of babies that are for sale.


With Gold I sold -0-. With Silver I sold 1. All the rest were sold with Bronze.