Reborning really cracks me up sometimes

Ok, so I got this little message earlier after posting my Ebay auction link on a yahoo forum:

"You are horrible… and I really really hope you’re just being a dumb*** and are not telling the truth.

By the way I just reported you"

She thought she was a real baby.

Hahaha I hope she did report me to Ebay…

Everyone else seemed to have liked her.

Hee hee that’s funny, Shows you how smart she is huh?

  Hugs Tina

Well that’s the best compliment!! I have to wonder really…what was going thru her mind!!

I actually didn’t know you could auction off real children…hmmmm I have a couple of neighbor children who are very naughty…think anyone would bid on them??


Yea, my little girl got in trouble today from spilling her juice so I decided to auction her off.
I do wonder what she was thinking too!

OMG that is so funny.

hahahaha that’s funny…there are a couple of little heathens running loose in the neighborhood…wonder how much we can get for them? j/k

She is crazy

I must admit the first time I stumbled upon a reborn was on ebay and I had to READ the description because they look REAL!!! That’s what got me interested in the first place. But for a second there, my heart jumped when I thought it was a real baby!

She is crazy…it is obviously a doll. People can be funny.

I remember the first one I saw…kinda freaked me out, but then I was intrigued. I know the cop that stopped us last Friday got a shock and the look on his face when he realized it was a doll…hahahaha

yep, said that b/c she was a young person (like me) and it really offended me. she wont get into reborns anyway the way she reacted… and i personally don’t care b/c she is just one dumb person in this world.
it’s not the type of forum you think, it was a younger people forum where people speak their minds 100% and she should have just not even answered to my post.

Oh, I forgot to add…
I did not send her that personally.
I sent her personally:
“It’s kinda funny how you report people who make DOLLS.”
-That was straight to her.
The other was posted later where she did not even see it. But I’m sure she did see the email I sent to her personally.

It’s okay, I’m just upset with what that girl said but I will get over. Yes, I’m young and have alot of time to become a REAl pro. but I just got upset with how she called me that name. I just went too far with that. Sorry everyone. I will talk to them next time and explain everything. I do need to work on that. I’m sure I will be a pro one day when I work on this some more.

Not to stir up a bees nest here but as nice as your doll looked and you wanting to be considered a professional in your earlier post has me confused as to why you don’t care now. I want my work to be considered professional and wouldn’t want to mess that up if I were you. JMO though.

edited my message ^^^ read please