Reborning New 🐝


…ever since I found BB back in August this year (!!!), I already had 3 orders with several babies! I am from Europe, which means extra costs…

Sigh …I need to stop. And I have not even started reborning yet!

To give this topic at least a little meaningful purpose, besides crying about my addiction, (lol) here is a question - which reborning DVD or online course or book would you recommend? It should be a REALLY GOOD one, not just any course. I don’t care about the price. I want to learn it properly.

How did you learn the art of reborning, which mistakes did you make, what was the most important thing you learned during the process?

I would love to read about your experiences!


Patreon. MG Dolls (Melissa George.) its about $9 a month and she’s extremely informative.


Custom Doll Baby on youtube is a good place to start. She takes you start to finish through the whole process


Looks great, thank you! Do you know - Is it possible to sign up only for a month, just to see if I like it?


Thank you, I will watch it! :sparkling_heart:


Yes! It’s a month to month subscription. :slight_smile:


You Tube has so many great tutorials, you will find everything from very beginner to a little advanced. Just surf and have fun, mostly everyone is teaching the same basic thing but you find little hacks and tricks and differences in style.

When I first started my intention was to make one baby for a friend, that was it, she offered to pay for the kit, the supplies etc. I was ambivalent and it seemed like a lot of work for a doll but it was fun doing the research and learning. I think I stayed up late for a week just watching tutorials.

I invested after the first baby because:

a. I wanted to make another baby and felt I had to rationalize it, and the way I did that was to tell myself I could sell it (and I did).

b. Because I tend to be over the top all or nothing…(not always but sometimes).

c. I really like the reborn community and wanted to be a part of it.

That being said the following week I set up a website, got a paypal account, ordered business cards and three sale kits from BB. I was determined to start a business straight out of the gate. (thats the way I roll I am crazy like that).

I knew I wouldn’t get rich, or even pay my bills by selling babies, I just thought I could earn a little extra money in between work projects.

…if I did this all day everyday and didn’t have anything else to do I could make it a real job if I included a You tube channel and did doll shows but I can’t I have a little kid, two big kids, work, a house, a life (sorta). So it really has turned into a side hustle that pays for the reborn crap I buy (sometimes).

Who knows maybe I will do this full time next year when the little is in all day school…that would be fun but it could get boring.

Go slow, buy a few cheap kits, a basic starter kit and have fun. If you feel like your skills are improving and you want to start selling go to they are a good place to sell your first babies and the fees are reasonable, Dave is really nice, the ladies there are wonderful.

Don’t start selling customs right away, you have to make a lot of babies before you can make a lot of promises, just my opinion. You need to get your feet wet a little and figure out what your style is and let people find you.

We see a lot of newbies offering customs but they don’t have the work to show for it, some use other artists photos…it is not fair to our clients, this is a small community and what one person does down the road impacts us all.

There seems to be a good reborn community in the UK, Spain, and Eastern Europe. I am not sure how readily supplies can be found where you are? Does BB offer a discount on larger orders? I am thinking it might be easier later down the road to pay import taxes once? (no idea about this).

My experience has been to just make babies I like and hope other people will like them too. Work at your own pace, set good bounderies (some clients will be as demanding as you let them be) be honest, very honest in your marketing. Collectors don’t mind new artists if the price is right and they see promise. I would rather make someone really happy than disappointed.

Remember this is suppose to be fun, its art and babies, and women, and kids…it can get a little heavy if you let it.

Sorry for such a wordy reply, I tend to be a little overgenerous with my opinions (not always a good thing).

Welcome and happy baby making!


I use acrylic (air dry) paints and I started out just using free tutorials like Custom Doll Baby (Reborn with me series on youtube) even though she uses GHSP It still helped me a lot. However no one has helped me more than Melissa George (MG dolls)…her Patreon is worth every penny :wink: Also, I have to add that Melissa mainly works with Golden acrylics but she also helps people using other types of acrylics and even GHSP.

Im in France btw…there are a lot of great sites in Europe, mainly in Germany…Dollsgarden (they sell Realborns btw), Once So Real (no translations on their site and no way to cut and paste but I have managed to figure it out eventhcugh I do not speak German), and Puppentraumland. I also like Bebaby in Italy and sometimes order from Secrist in France.


Wow, thank you so much for your long detailed answer! :heart_eyes: I love it and appreciate that you took the time to give me advice. Everything you wrote is super useful, I will think about everything.

I don’t think that BB offers any discounts, I read from people who spend hundreds of dollars for one order, but they did not mention getting discount from BB. I try to get all my supplies in Europe, because the more I spend overseas, the more taxes I have to pay. I only buy Kits from BB.

I think I will find everything I need, expect that famous special oven which reborn artists use, I forgot the name. (if anyone knows where I could get in in Europe, please tell me,…Ithink everyone knows which I mean?)

Oh, and I do this for myself, and I want to get to a point where I am completely satisfied with my work, which is extremely hard, because I am my worst critic and a perfectionist lol …Only then I would even consider selling.

Please don’t worry, I absolutely loved that you shared your thinking and development process. It is always very interesting and inspiring to read.

(btw I am the same lol but only when I write in my language, because I am not fluent in English)


Thank you very much for your tips! :heart_eyes:

I speak German so all these sites are very useful to me!

There is so much information in your reply, I will check out everything. Thank you!


I have another question: does anyone have Jacky’s DVD’s and can compare it with MG Dolls and Custom Doll Baby?


Nuwave, they sell different versions by different companies. You can get it on Amazon. It’s an oven meant for cooking a chicken or casserole without having to use your home oven. USD price is about 89.00 so its affordable.


Cassie Brac has a good , detailed DVD, she is I Art Reborn website in UK. The DVD is called Ultra Newborns. Cassie also has other DVDs on older babies, rooting etc.


Thank you so much! I just watched the trailer and it looks great! :heart_eyes:


Thank you! :sparkling_heart: It is really a lot cheaper than I expected.



My first couple Reborn’s I literally played and paused a video for each step. It’s the beginners reborning video at B.B. I read the forum a lot, watch different artists techniques on YouTube There are 101 right ways to paint so watch a lot of artists until you find what works best for you.