Reborning large toddlers

I did mine in my convection oven - but it is not a NuWave (round) it is a DeLonghi. It fit my straight leg Taylor. Don’t know how it would work with a NuWave

Your kitchen oven well work just, clean it real good after and run your oven empty for alittle while after

I have a counter top oven that I bought so I could use it in my utility room where I paint, but I found the temperature a bit hard to trust because it dropped when I put the parts in and took a while to get back to 265… I went back to,using my regular oven and I don’t think it is hazardous to anyone’s health… If you read all the warnings on a bottle of aspirin, you probably wouldn’t take that either…

I have to agree with Pia that I really doubt it is that hazardous unless you were using your oven 24 hours a day for dolls and never cleaned it. Even then it’s unlikely. As it is, I only bake the final layer sometimes since I use air dry paints. That doesn’t justify the expense of a separate oven. Not sure I want to try a toddler with any type of paint!!!