Reborning in Oklahoma

Goodmorning from Green Country! My name is Jessica. I am a 37 y.o. Mother of 3…I work full time as a nurse and I attend college full time. My husband and I ride Harley’s when the weather permits, and other than that, I love photography, crafts, and Church. I have done ceramics for years, I was turned on to reborn painting when my little girl fell in love with a doll we seen at Okc affair of the heart. We didn’t buy it, and I had to go to the Tulsa show to buy one because I knew I wanted to get started doing my own. After giving my little girl hers for Christmas, I bought everything I needed and my first doll Morgan is finished except for rooting. I am working on the Secrist preemie now. I got my mom started with reborning as a way of coping with chronic pain and depression through her recovery from a life changing (almost life ending) wreck, her first doll was female Nod…it’s cute, and she is HOOKED also…lol

Welcome, Jessica. You certainly have a busy life. I am sure you are already experiencing how addictive reborning can be. I look forward to seek.g your babies.

Welcome Jessica! You are a busy lady, and I LOVE the idea that you’ve introduced this to your Mom. I know that I enjoy it so much and it brings a kind of happiness with each completed project. It’s almost like I am so focused on what I’m working on, the rest of the world can just pass on by for the time being – including any worries or troubles! Looking forward to seeing some of your babies.

Hi jessica! Wow you sure do have a busy life. But now the Harleys, I KOVE THEM!!! I love it when i see a group going down the road and hearing the roar! But now, i know exactly how your mom feels and i NOW it’s not easy for her. There are so many wounderful women here to help you if you need any. WELCOME

Fellow Okies…I am SO excited! What part? I am very close to Durant, grew up in Cushing, Lived in Tulsa for a while and Prague before coming down here where my hubby grew up. It is amazing to me how addicted to makin babies…lol pardon the pun…I have become!

Harleys are a total life statement, unfortunately they have a bad image w a ton of people…its funny when I see the expressions people give me when they see me riding. My boss was shocked when I showed her my first reborn, guess with the word Harley, she expected me not to have a softer side. Kinda off subject, but anyone want a heart touching story go to the BACA website and read about the lady in the courtroom with the biker group…makes me cry everytime I read it…

I know where McCloud is…I wanted to work as a prison nurse there, but all my nurse friends totally talked me out of it…lol. I lived in Paden Ok for the past 4 years…

Welcome! Look forward to seeing you around!