Reborning another Lee Middleton


Friday, I removed her hair, eyes, and stripped her coloring. She has new eyes now and a new paint job. I am making this one to sell.

Today little Kaycee got a new body and she was so thrilled! If you run a tape measure from the top center of her head down her nose and body to the top of her big toes she is now 22" long.

Then she got lashes and her nails done.

This outfit I got from a lady on Dollchatter is a perfect fit for her! Her head is still not attached because I am waiting on her wig to arrive. She has a strawberry blond Lollipop wig on the way.

LOVE what you have done to her. Did you use genesis?

Her coloring is so pretty!

Thank you. Yes, she is painted with Genesis.

She has the flat section on the back of the head with the hole in it so I just opt to wig these type dolls. It is more of a “dolly” look but I find there is a customer base out there who really likes that look.

You did a wonderful job on her, she’s so pretty!

she is soo cute! I cannot wait to see her when she gets her hair.

She is SOOOOO CUTE!!! This LM doll is VERY SPECIAL to me. Shortly after my grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimers, my sister and I bought her this EXACT SAME doll. We named her “Kalex”. My Grandma LOVED Kalex. She was NEVER far from her. As her Alzheimers got worse, there were MANY days when she got scared because she didnt reccognize ANYONE (including us), but she ALWAYS recognized Kalex.

My Grandma died 2 years ago. Kalex now has a special place on our shelf and in our hearts.

She is so cute, Angie. Do you prefer reborning Lee Middleton dolls, or are they custom orders?
The body is great, you make great bodies…you are my mentor on the bodies, I’ve made a few & now have a pattern from Chelle which I love & prefer, but I have never made one for a 1/4 limbed doll, do you wire the limbs or do they just pose easily?

Love your babies!