RebornFX container issues


For any of you who use this air dry paint have you found the containers to be terrible? RebornFX needs to change them IMO. I am using mine for the first time and most of them are clogged prior to any use. Generally (as with BabyFX) you just give the spout a wipe and then apply a gentle squeeze-pressure to the bottle and it clears. RebornFX backs up in the lid and ends up coming out the little snap part that you push down to open it. Am I the only one having these problems?
@MacPhersonCrafts? Suggestions? I’m wasting so much of this expensive paint because I have to remove the lids and pour the paint rather than being able to squirt out a drop at a time.


I have a couple bottles that I use sometimes and I just unscrew the lid because I have the same problem.


When I used mine I took the lid off and dipped my brush in to “scoop” some on to the pallet


This is a major issue with their bottles :frowning: I ended up replacing them all with new snap top lids.
I found this one to fit the bottles well


I replaced the lids on mine with the ones April found. Before that though I found if you take a knife and pop the little snap part of the top off you can then have a nice dropper to dispense your paint then snap the disc back in when done.


Did you have to buy 155 of them?


I do that too. Those bottles are terrible!


Yes, I have a ton of paint so I had to buy in bulk. Did some google searching and found this company that you can choose how many you want :slight_smile: