Reborn Walmart berenguer (new ones)

What a great job, I love her little skin tone and sweet face.
I love her! you did great!

Great job! She turned out so cute.

oh she is adorable…I bought one also but not the same mouth

your is very very cute

She is precious, I love her cute little arms and legs. Great job.

         Hugs tina

She is adorable, I’ve got to get me one! I love her in that purple outfit. So do you change the eyes or keep the ones they come in?

She’s so cute! I love her in the purple outfit too.

Heheheheh!! Oh sorry. I never would have thought of that, but it sure is a cute dress. Hey, whatever works is what we do, right?

That’s a really cute face. I will have to check out Walmart and KMart for this one. She’s a cutie!

She is so adorable!
I usually see a boy in that face, but she turned out all girl!

Sweet baby.