Reborn Vaile kit finished


She’s very cute! I love her lip color and her hair color.

Great job she is pretty.

she is so cute,

Very nicely done. I love her hair!

She is beautiful!! I love her coloring.

She is beautiful! Can I ask what size clothes she wears?

sweet baby. she’s very real-looking

Nice job, I love this kit. She is a larger baby 24". I did one already and was not happy how she came out at all!! She was 26" when finished with body and wear’s 3/6 and some 9 month clothes.

She is the Vaile kit by Michelle Fagan and is limited number of 250
I have another one to do sense I did not like the first one

I had a very hard time with the skin tone’s. Did you?
She was just to pink and I could not get a natural skin tone. I’m still learning so, saving the new kit till I know I can get the right skin tone’s

I just got this kit a few days ago and I cannot wait to get started on her!!

She is precious, I love her hair and skin color.

      Hugs Tina

WOW!! Great job Brenda, that skin looks VERY realistic!!!

I love the lip color! How did you achieve it?!?


She is precious!! You did a beautiful job on her!!

— Begin quote from “BrendaT”

for the lips I start with a thin layer of blush (barely there) and after it is baked I use the lip color from Secrist berry lip color, still very thin, then after baking I use a bit of flesh color just touched on with brush in odd spots, bake and continue like this until I get the look I want.
Thanks for the compliments.

— End quote

Thank YOU for the tip!

I’ll be trying it on my next!

Awe a little sleeping beauty…she is adorable
Hugs Cherry