Reborn Twins for sale reduced again

Hi, here are my boy/girl twins Elliana Grace and Emerson Grant. Elliana is from the Robin kit and Emerson is from the Ella Kit. They both have rooted red hair, Elliana’s hair is a little darker than Emerson’s. They both have red rooted eyelashes. Elliana is 20 inch’s long and is approximately 5LBS and 3 OZ. Emerson is 19 inch’s long and is approximately 5 LBS and 4 OZ. They both have magnetized pacifiers. Elliana has spit bubbles in her mouth and also has a magnet hair bow that’s not pictured. They are weighted with polly pellets and polly fill.

They will come home to there new mommy wearing an outfit of my choice and with 2 white paci’s $100.00 shipped in the USA.

I have tried to describe them as best as I can. I’m sad to let them go but I really need the money. I wish I could keep all the babies I make. Thank you so much for looking at Elliana and Emerson.

I reduced them.