Reborn swap check in


those doing the thanksgiving reborn swap please check in w/ me… i just want to make sure everyone is still here and doing the swap!! i don’t want any sad mommies on thanksgiving

here is my up date!!!

my baby is painted, yaaaaaa and i am currently rooting…

now the lady i am reborning for asked for a girl, hmmmm, right now the baby is looking all boy to me,eek!! maybe after i am done rooting and lashing it will look like a girl!!

hope everyone is having fun making their special thanksgiving babies!!


I’m still in. I am painting my baby today and will start rooting soon. I have also been working on a special layette. I hope the new mommy will like her baby half as much as I am enjoying making it.


Got my baby in and will start painting it late next week.


My swap baby is done, I am now working on the layette.



I’m working on a custom and then will start my swap baby.



what is this swap baby all about


i arranged a baby swap a few months ago to be done and shipped for thanksgiving. we got a lot of great reborners signed up!!

i can;t wait to see all the babies!!!


most everyone has checked in but i am still waiting on a few!!!


My painting is all done and I’m just waiting to get the hair so I can start rooting. I’m so excited to see all the beautiful babies.


mine is officially done!!! whew!!!

it is nice knowing i am done and i am pretty happy w/ the baby… i now have to sit on myself because i always post my babies when i am done and i can’t w/ this one