Reborn Supplies for Sale UPDATED 3-14-18


i jumped the gun a bit on it I didnt give the first long enough to reply back, Im really sorry :frowning:


Do you still have the brown eyes? And what color of mohair do you have?


i have the eyes, the mohair is sold


I will take the eyes.


ok the eyes are $3.50 +$1.50 shipping so $5.00 total. my paypal is Please send me your mailing address. thanks!


My address is 5812 MULLIS RD CHARLOTTE, N.C. 28215.


ok great Ill send them out tomorrow :slight_smile:


Money sent.


I would like both test heads please TIA


sure thing! $3.00 + $3.50 shipping. please Paypal $6.50 to and send me your mailing address




let me know when you pay and Ill get them boxed up to go tomorrow :slight_smile:


Paid already.


Sent Money, Thanks so much!!!


GREAT! please send me your mailing address and I will get them out tomorrow


Messaged you about your Nuwave Oven~is it a small one or a larger one and have u sold it~thanks~



Is the ana still available?


Do you still have the body #7542?


yes Ana is still available