Reborn Supplies for Sale UPDATED 3-14-18


I am selling all of my reborn supplies, after finishing only 3 reborns turns out I have developed tennis elbow from all of the painting and rooting. I will be posting them as I go through everything.
Please make reasonable offers, I will rely on you to be fair about prices.
This is what is left so far, I will be adding more through the week when I have time to go through everything

#711 - MYK16LB, Light Brown Kemper Mikayla Mohair Wig, Size 16-17 $20.00

If interested please message me with your offer and provide me with your Paypal name so I can send a bill for payment. Please send any questions.





sending PM


How much for each of the kits? I have no idea what to offer…


Have you got any eyes from bb ?


I’m wanting an Owen Asleep kit.


I have Realborn Ana asleep for $30 and just the Realborn Joseph limbs for $20 and the two test heads for $3 each


I have only 1 pair, color baby brown 20MM. I’ll do $3.50 and $2 shipping


Owen asleep has been sold sorry


How much shipped for the delta dawn? Is it straight or curly?


I am waiting for someone to reply with an ok that they want it, I will get back to you and let you know. I’ll do $17 shipped


As long as it isn’t curly, I will take it.


its curly


Is the Angela Sprout Mohair still available?


you are 3rd in line, I am waiting for someone to let me know if they want it. I will keep you posted


@Simone, @Blissfulbabies has one!


yep its curly sorry


Hi Im not hearing back from them so if you would like it, its all yours $17 shipped


sold to first person


You sold it?