Reborn Noe as per babyfia's class


I just wanted to show you the baby Noe I reborned during the class. I loved the class and highly recommend it! He is sold already! Still wanted to take better pictures for the competition, but never got the time.



super nice job! he came out really cute!


He’s beautiful. What a lovely job you did painting him. Congratulations
on your sale.



Oh he is gorgeous! How did you get the eyes so detailed?


He’s a cutie! Great job.


He is GORGEOUS!! Great pics, he looks so real!


wow, great work. I really wanted to take that class to. I couldnt afford the class and the cost of the kit Maybe one day in the future I can do it. I see she teaches very well. You did an excellent job

I guess there’s still hope for me


He turned out so nice. How did you sell him so fast?


Great job, He’s a sweetie. Congrats on your sale.

      Hugs Tina


Thank you all so much. The classes were very informative and I learned a lot. I already subscribed to the new class. The eye detailing - I am not sure if I am allowed to say. Maybe you could ask Lara or babyfia as she is known on this forum.

His new mommy saw him and wanted him right away. I did not even get enough time to say goodbuy. It is rather difficult to sell them, but I expect it will become easier…


Congratulations on his sale! He is just beautiful. I’m not sure I got your pics for the contest, though…did you email them to me?


Hi Lara. I did not send it because I wanted to take better photos. Never got to it with him selling so unexpectedly.


Just send me the first and third photo photo you posted here. They are perfect. Gotta try to win the free kit, right?


Oh wonderful, I will send you the photos when I get home. Now I am so excited…