Reborn Molly

My newest baby on Ebay. This is the Molly sculpt by Tasha Edenholm. She has the cutest little face. … :MESELX:IT

thanks for looking


She is so sweet. What a cute baby.

You have done a fantastic job on her, as you do with all your babies. I love her hair!

Aww Terrie your babies are always so beautiful. She looks so newborn. Bol on her auction.

      Hugs Tina

Thank you Denise, Tina and foxmom. She was so much fun to work on. I think this is my favorite sculpt by Tasha so far.


She looks so lifelike! BOL!

Those are possibly the best eyebrows I have ever seen on a reborn… AMAZING job!!!

She is just beautiful

Perfection, Terrie!
I love all of your babies.

She realy is beautiful

I wasn’t sure that I liked this sculpt until I saw yours. She is TDF! I might have to order myself one now.

Oh…my…word! My heart skipped a beat when I opened your post and saw your Molly! She is so beautiful and lifelike!


Terrie, congratulations on Mollys auction! If I’d had the money I would have bid on her in a heartbeat. She’s a real beauty.


Thank you all so much.


I love the hair! IT looks great, Im sure someone will snatch her up quick!

Congrats on her adoption and her hair is so beautifully sparse like an infant. really like that look alot!

Terrie, your Molly is amazing! I love everything about her! Love the coloring & mohair! I have never seen this sculpt before! DOes BB sell the kit?

Looks so Sweet. I love this one…