Reborn Marketplace question


This is probably a dumb question and the answer is probably obvious, but I can’t figure out how someone buys a baby on Reborn Marketplace. I’ve had a baby listed there for a while but there’s no “buy” button that I can see with the listing. I had someone ask today if she was still available. I don’t know how they’d purchase her if they wanted to. Do I just send them to my reborns or eBay listing? I’m just really confused by this one! :confused:




I have my baby listed there too. I’ve just not had any interest in this baby on any of the sites I’ve listed her, until someone contacted me through Reborn Marketplace. I’ve only ever listed one other baby, and I sold him through eBay although I listed him on the other 3 sites as well.


Do you have a business page on FB? Every time I list a baby, I post the link to on my business page and have actually sold quite a few from FB.

This can be a slow time of year. Things start to pick up as we head into Fall and the holiday buying season.


What kind of facebook page do most people create? I’ve looked at the options and I’m confused. Would it be a local business or a brand page, or something else? Sorry for all the questions, this marketing stuff is just so new to me! Thanks for all your help!


Hi everyone… this is Debra, creator of
Just wanted to let you know how selling works on our website. When someone is interested in purchasing a baby they will contact you via email using the “Contact Seller” button. It is then up to you and the buyer to decide on how the transaction will take place. Most people invoice using PayPal, but you have many other options like money orders, bank checks or they can pay using a credit card via PayPal. Once the payment is received you ship the baby doll according to your shipping policy. The only requirement is that you monitor your email regularly so as not to miss a potential sale. I hope this helps… :blush:


I have sold one baby on reborn marketplace. I have had one other inquire about a baby - but it ended up being a kid.


You can click create page on FB and then follow the directions.

Here’s my business page if you want to look at it; you probably have to sign in to see it, I’m not sure:


do they charge you 5.00 a day I tried it and that’s what they wanted 5.00 a day


Which site charges $5 a day?? :scream:


Its Facebook when i tried to do a Facebook page they wanted 5.00 a day


Facebook doesn’t cost anything unless you boost a post and then you can boost any from $1 and up.


Right. I have never paid anything to FB or felt the need to boost a post. It seems to work just posting the link and going from there.


Does anyone use Reborn Marketplace any more? Is it still active? I don’t want to use Facebook, Etsy or Ebay? I am thinking hard about RM. Any other suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks! Does anysone use list and sell Reborns?


I used it some in 2016 and sold one. I haven’t checked it out in a long time. I actually forgot about it.


Hi Karen, I get posts from my fb business acct to my reg fb acct and it says I am the only one that can see it. Can you tell me what I need to change? Thank you my dear.


Pm’ing you :slight_smile: