Reborn Live Show

I’m thinking about doing a live show. It would not be a tutorial, per se, but really just me working in the studio and talkin while I do. I would have my cell phone set up so that I could answer questions about what I am doing as I go along. The topic of each show would be random, simply what I’m working on at the time. The idea is to have spontaneous discussions about technique and color use and all the little micro-decisions that artist make in the moment. What do you think?


I would Love that!! I’m going to be out soon until like 9pm :frowning: What time where you thinking?

That would be great!

That would be so totally cool. If you do it we have to collab and do some kind of skype live thing!!!


Love this idea! Like a virtual meet-up!


Ooooh, a Skype or a hangout would be fun too! I have no idea what time as my cameraman (nubby) is not home right now. It will happen though :slight_smile:


Love it!!

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That would be wonderful!

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I love this idea. YouTube allows for live streaming as does twitch. I’d love to see a reborn sub-genre emerge in the art community of twitch.

That would be so fun!

I would love it! I love your style. Can it be recorded aso as I am at work from 8:30 am till 7:30 - 8 pm, but I would love to see it.

That’d be awesome. We should do something like this more often!