Reborn Lilianne Breedveld twin girls Shiloh & Suri IMAGE


Fraternal twins…
I have a couple of days before I list my girls on Ebay.I want to get some real photos of the two but I thought I’d take some quickphotos to show you guys:) I absolutely LOVE reborning Breedvelds. I love every little detail by Lilianne on these girls!!


They are adorable, Great painting, Love their hair and mottling. Bol on their auction.

         Hugs Tina


Wow! They are stunning! BOL with their auction!


beautiful! love the detailed skin and their hair


What beautiful babies I love the way you did them they look like real babies.
I love the fat wrinkles and detailing on them.


They are adorables!!! well done


Awww! They are adorable! I love their skintones. They are just beautiful!