Reborn ethnic Lillian


My first ethic reborn. YAY. Lillian turned out a real cutie.


She’s cute! I love those curls!


She is very pretty and I’m loving her hair too


She so sweet you don’t see many reborns from this kit.
Her hair is OMG!! I love her hair so much


LILLIAN! I am just in LOVE with this sculpt right now. I did one at Christmas and was just blown away at how sweet she is ~ and yours is just precious!

Someone mentioned on another thread that we should do a Lillian Challenge…I agree!


Ohhhhh, thanks ladies! Xx she has such a precious little face on her and I like how she is a quite big baby.
She was the first biracial baby I’ve done in 5 years and the first time using air dry paints.


Beautiful! :heart_eyes: What mohair did you use? It looks so soft, and stunning!


It’s mohair from a local australian lady over here.