Reborn Doll Eye Sizes


So, I recently ordered a Realborn Thomas Awake sculpt and a Realborn Joseph Awake sculpt.
They both take 18mm eyes which is convenient since I already have two pairs of 18mm eyes.

As usual, I had started to paint Realborn Thomas,
I painted his lips, veins, undertones, creases etc
but I have failed to correctly mottle another baby.
This always happens to me, as far as I’m concerned, it seems as though I am unable to mottle a doll kit… that’s another story and isn’t what I am going to ask.

However, I would like to get another Realborn sculpt.
I don’t know whether to get another Realborn Thomas Awake sculpt and attempt to paint him properly or if I should get another awake kit but one that takes a larger eye size than the ones I have.

I’m interested in another Realborn Awake but ome that takes 20mm eyes and I don’t have a pair of those with me. Does anyone think that there will be an issue if I buy a doll that takes 20mm eyes for example and use my 18mm eyes on him?

As I am in the UK, there is a limited choice of Realborn kits available on eBay and the person that I regularly purchase BB kits from doesn’t have many Realborn Awake kits.

Does anyone think that the 2mm difference between the 20mm eyes and the 18mm eyes that I have will be an issue if I go ahead and buy a doll that takes eyes of that size? The reason why I’m not purchasing a 20mm pair of eyes is because there isn’t any 20mm versions of the eyes that I already have, which I really like and I think they suit the babies.

I hope you understand what I mean! ~ Forest Reborns


I think you should buy a pair of 20 mm.

I know that my kit that calls for 22mm and I put in 20mm they rattle around in the socket and there is a gap in the eye corner if not perfectly set.

Depending on how open the eyes are on the kit. But I think most realborns eyes are pretty open so I would go with 20mm.


If you get eyes that are too small, there will probably be too much white showing in the eyes and could make the baby look scared or surprised.


Too small generally doesn’t look good. Sometimes people even go up in eye size, to get even less white showing.


I gave the smaller pair a try and I have to say, they look very silly haha so I purchased a set of larger eyes and they look lovely. I’ll remember to buy a larger set for my kits in the future! Thanks