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Hello Everyone,
I’m ready to create my first reborn. I’ve watched all 12 BB videos on the process/technique as well as other videos. However, I’m a hands-on person, and would like to take a class and work on the reborn in class. I live in Southern California, and would like to know if there are classes in here or at least on the West Coast.

I also need to purchase a kit with the baby’s eyes open. Any information and guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I feel like a fish out of water because I don’t know where to start.

For the first is better to start with a sleeping baby. It is easier .
Good luck !!!

Hello Babytalk welcome to the world of reborning and the forum. There are so many wonderful reborners here who will gladly guide you through the process of creating a baby you will love. I too live in Southern California and have had no luck trying to find a class to attend and I understand the “hands on” method of teaching and learning. I too am rather new to reborning and I will say one thing----a lot of this hobby is “trial and error” everyone reborns differently and results come from doing, so just jump in and you will be surprised at what you learn.


I agree that you should start with a closed eyed baby. They are much easier and give you a chance to practice skin tones etc. without having to deal with all the eye stuff. Rooting closed eyes is very quick and easy. I suggest BB’s Precious Gift. She was easy, came out adorable, and sold very quickly on Ebay. I’m a fairly new reborner too, though I’ve done porcelain dolls in the past and lots of needlefelting. My advice is look at lots of real babies; watch the tutorials, then just get in and make your baby. It’s fun and every baby teaches you something new. Post pictures along the way if you know how to do it. Everyone on this forum is very helpful.

Thanks Lynn! If you don’t mind, I’d like to talk to you by phone maybe over the weekend or next week. This way, I want have to clog the forum with a million and one questions! LOL!

I have a few questions now that I’ll ask everyone. Thanks again, for the quick response!

Thanks andik, for your response. I’ll tend to like challenges, even when I start something new. I know, right? Why frustrate myself. LOL! I’m going to look at the kits that BB has on sale, and select a baby.

Thanks honojane for the quick response! I will look at Precious Gift, and the other babies. What I’m not clear about is what am I purchasing? Are the starter kits already assembled? and I just paint, or do I assemble. I would like a silicone baby, or at least one that’s full body.

Another question, I don’t have an oven just for curing a reborn, and I’m not sure I want to use my oven. What do newbie’s typically use? I read on the BB site that an convection oven can be purchased at Walmart, Target or Home Deport. I don’t want to invest in expensive materials yet, until I make create a copy of babies to ensure I love, not like reborning. My giut tells me I’m going to really love it!! I’m so excited, and can’t wait to get started!

i have actually never used an oven to bake my babies. i have been using a heat gun. i havent had any problems using it. i know everyone else uses their oven or they get a convection oven such as the nu wave. i think walmart has a cheaper one its called the rapid wave oven and it has an extender ring with it. i have only been reborning for about 10 months and i enjoy just using the heat gun.

I use a NuWave oven which IMO is the best oven to use. They are a little pricey so it’s understandable not wanting to invest a lot of money until you’re sure you are going to like the hobby, Some of our fellow reborners use the ewave oven they buy at Home Depot for approx. $33.00 but I have heard you really have to watch them for temperature change. Always use an oven thermometer regardless of which oven you purchase. Make sure you also get an “extender ring” with the oven as you will need it for height to keep your parts away from the heating elements. You will also put a smooth cloth into the bottom of the oven to lay your parts on, If you go to the little spyglass at the top right you can type in NuWave and you will get lots of info. Hope this helps.

I sent you a private message,

All of the Bountiful Baby kits are vinyl and once they have been reborned require assembly. The only full body kits are Blinkin and Nod and most reborners put them on a cloth body so they are cuddly and then you can cut the body and make it into a belly and back plate for photos. Silcone babies are very expensive and require a totally different technique for painting. I don’t think you can buy a silicone kit for under $600.00 to be reborned.

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Another option for you is to buy one of the complete kits as it sounds like you are really at the beginning of your reborn journey and don’t have all your supplies and things yet. I bought a convection oven from Amazon. They have several choices but be sure you get one with an extension ring. The heat element has to be far away from the vinyl. I melted my first baby by not using the ring. After that I used her to test colors etc. until finally throwing her away. I don’t want you to have to do that.

I haven’t been in the forum in a couple of weeks. I ordered a NuWave Pro this week, and have ordered a complete starter kit. I’ll start painting the early part of February. I’ll post WIP pics and the complete kit. Wish me luck!


I’m so happy for you!

Which baby did you decide on? Open or Closed eyes?


Chanel - open Eyes.

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