Reborn birthday sleepover


This weekend!! It’s this weekend. My daughter is having her best friend over to paint babies. I am all ready, just waiting for them to come home from school.

I’ve set it up like a baby shower, and on Sunday when the babies are done, have have tons of “baby shower” gifts for them.

It’s going to be so much fun!!!


What a cute idea!! Love it💕


That’s an awesome idea!


That is so sweet and will be so much fun !! Where did you find your paint trays?


Oh my goodness I absolutely adore this!!!


That’s amazing! I would have just about died of happiness if would have attended such a party as a kid!


■■■■ blick


Thanks, I wish I had daughters so we could plan a sleep over, looks so fun


That is awesome!
I am just curious how they will finish their babies in just 2 days? Will you post baby shower picture, please.


@aclovly Hobby Lobby also sell those trays.


What babies are they painting? I want to come too lol


we started this afternoon, and have all day saturday and sunday. I think they should have plenty of time


we are all painting Reese


What a fun idea! Hope you’ll share pics along the way!


Thank you, maybe I can get those locally




That sounds like so much fun! How old will your daughter be?

  1. Her birthday was actually in January, but I am in nursing school so its taken this look to have a full free weekend.


I think they have had enough for tonight. But we made pretty good progress on the base skin layers. We’ll start fresh in the morning with veins and mottling


I totally understand the struggle of nursing school. Been there four times myself and it absorbs your time, mind, body and life, lol. Be encouraged it does end eventually and enjoy the much needed therapy of baby making. Thanks for showing us your updates